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Hello Everyone, If you are interested in Blockchain technology, you should check out my article because I will introduce the Upthinity project to create a safe and easy to use application that you can get from your favorite online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to pay for a morning cup of coffee. Learn more about the benefits of Project Upthinity here.

About Upthinity

Upthinity application has been designed to work with the entire network and create a seamless experience. That is why we developed a thorough inspection process for each application added to the network. We bootstrap new application projects with creative developers and talents who present the best, brightest and truly useful applications for you.

Upthinity is the only crypto application hub that unites your world under one platform for convenience, giving members a better way to get crypto daily from applications in the ecosystem.

Built on our own blockchain, UPZ has been designed for speed and affordability. Because fast and cheap transactions should be a special right. We must note here, that every application in the Upthinity ecosystem uses UPZ tokens. To keep our economy stable, the UPZ was burned unusable with a UPZ rate of 0.5% per transaction.

Upthinity is an application that can help you become an insider, giving you initial access to new projects that show strong pre-launch potential and more. Yes, that's Upthinity, your personal super ecosystem of crypto applications that are supported by blockchain and driven by our community to help you stay ahead.

 Why Choose Upthinity?

Upthinity has an ecosystem by combining 5 applications. This will ensure that we can accommodate and complete various needs. With the same level of service and excellence on the platform, our goal is to adopt big ambitious but very possible!

We have committed ourselves to become a superpower in the blockchain space by creating a seamless experience. We are also building a hub that you can personalize with an application that will give you the power of your crypto experience.

But the crypto space develops very fast. So how can we plan to stay on top of new developments?

Always active to engage with the crypto community and increase awareness through :

Sustainable Marketing: We plan to build our brand through the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain informative conference and speaking activities, and establish ongoing business partnerships that are in line with our ecosystem.

Social Media Channel Involvement: Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Forum, Joobra.com, major networks, affiliates etc.

Employing our Ownership Growth Model: In addition to our internal marketing division, Upthinity will also partner with leading Marketing and Branding agents to increase awareness, trigger growth, and increase conversions.

Individual participation: This is key. Every project is great and is supported by great people. Which makes it happen. We are this team - you and us. We will grow Upthinity together with its active part.

we have also partnered with
Token info

Upthinity is the ERC-20 blockchain custom built specifically. We will not only consistently conduct security audits on the blockchain but we will prevent attacks through AI-driven technology because safety and security are the most important.

Token: UPZ

Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 0.10 USD
Tokens for sale 375,000,000

Stage 1: 30% Bonus
Stage 2: 20% Bonus

Investment info

Min. investment 100 USD
Accepting BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, Fiat

Distributed in ICO 75%

Soft cap 2.000.000 USD

Hard cap 25.000.000 USD

Token Distribution

Road Map

Q4 2017:

Blockchain ideation and initial team formation
Upthinity is formed officially

Q1-Q3 2018:

Developing the platform and business model
Establish a blockchain development partnership

Q4 2018:

The Crowdfunding Campaign Launch and Pre-Platform development for the Core Five Strategically staffing team members

Q1 2019:

Core 5 Platform Final Testing (Test Net) and Auditing Development
Core 5 Marketing and Awareness Building Campaign Initiation (Pre-Growth Phase 1)

Q2 2019:

Core 5 Launch and Upthinity Token
Implement Growth Phase 1 (Strategic Partnerships)
Proprietary growth mechanism we will employ for steady progress

Q3 2019:

New app submissions for ecosystem expansion for the following year 2020 launch
Partnership Expansion Initiative /Announcements

Q4 2019:

Annual Revenue Percentage -Raid the Reserve Coin AirDrop for Upthinity Members Only.


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