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What is AVXChange Project?

Cryptonetlife.com, English - AVXChange is an incentivized distributed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing network built with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
AVXChange or also known as Audio-Video Exchange is an audio and video data sharing platform. It also has a token-based earnings model to pay all the members according to their function regarding the sharing of the files. AVXChange is a platform shaped by the power of the blockchain and this means transparency, security, tracking the activity and transaction history and other similar requirements will obey the rules and be in the side of the users.
Imagine bittorrent like a client that has a transaction the mechanism which allows users to compensate intellectual property (IP), owners and incentivizes users by allowing them to earn for their role in distributing the product to market. Unlike BitTorrent though, the AVXChange platform will be a distributed system using the principles of blockchain/distributed ledger technologies to eliminate centralized data points, thus increasing security and transparency as all nodes on the network will reach consensus on data and events. AVXChange will use its own form of cryptocurrency (AVX) which will facilitate quick and seamless cross border, global internet-based transactions.

AVXChange aims to:

  • Implement an incentivized P2P file sharing transaction
  • Reduce the amount of uncompensated P2P file sharing
  • Compensate IP owners
  • Allow users to earn for distributing the product to market
  • Increase the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Give independent artists a direct path to market, increased exposure, and more equity

The Need

Convert Uncompensated to Compensated The AVXChange technology was engineered to address a need in the market to convert uncompensated P2P media file downloads into compensated media downloads by incentivizing P2P file sharing participants to purchase their files. Uncompensated downloads are when intellectual property owners receive no compensation for their work is downloaded. AVXChange file sharing participants are incentivized to compensate IP owners by allowing that sharing the files to profit from their involvement in the distribution network, economically compensating them for the usage of their bandwidth, processing, and storage resources.
We believe there are several reasons why many users download content from P2P file-sharing networks without compensating IP owners besides the lack of P2P platforms which enable them compensation of IP owners.

What is P2P?

P2P stands for peer-to-peer. Peers are computers that are connected to each other through the internet and it allows the sharing of files directly with each other on the network.
Existing uncompensated free P2P networks should be considered the competition. The most popular P2P file sharing protocol currently is the BitTorrent method, where centralized tracking points are used to notify users which other users have the file they are looking for. BitTorrent is popular because it is effective at disseminating popular files in a rapid way. It allows users to share bits of the file as soon as they receive them, thus creating the torrent like effect. This feature is not new to BitTorrent and has been in place since as far back as 2000 on networks such as Napster and Gnutella. A significant problem facing BitTorrent is the fact that after people complete their download they most often stop sharing the file. Very often, downloads do not complete because there are no seeders (people who have the entire file) left on the network. This problem is eliminated on the AVXChange network where users are economically compensated for sharing their files. As far as competition in the distributed systems, cryptographic tokenized file digital media distribution platforms, there is only one worth mentioning.


The AVXChange team is comprised of a talented and driven multinational group of computer scientists, engineers, designers, and enthusiasts dedicated to building a transparent, fair, and incentivized P2P file sharing platform which compensates all parties involved in the distribution of intellectual property. The general public can expect more specific team member information around the time the public Beta is released. The development of the application is being done by Resonant Marketing Group.

Token Detail:

  • In an effort to diverge from the common ICO, raise money for the concept, AVXChange has been funded by founders. Only a small percentage of coins may be sold to finalize development and marketing prior to release.
  • In Q1 of 2019 we created 20,000,000,000 ERC20 AVX Tokens to act as placeholders until the main net and Native AVX tokens are available.
  • Each of the ERC20 AVX tokens will be worth the same amount of native tokens when they are released. There will be a period when the ERC20 AVX tokens will be traded in for native AVX tokens at a rate of 1:1.
  • 5% of coins may be sold in Q1 2019 to finalize development and for a marketing push. It would be preferred to get these funds from a single source though we may offer a very early pre-sale to the general public at an estimated market cap of $20m US (fiat). Our ICO in Q3 the price will be at $50m US (fiat) market cap evaluation.
  • Total 20,000,000,000 AVX o 55% (11,000,000,000 AVX) – Public via ICO to coincide with an official platform release Q3 2019. o 5% (1,000,000,000 AVX) – Private party or the general public via presale o 5% (1,000,000,000 AVX) – To be given to beta testers, key influencers, and through bounty programs in beta stage to build a network. o 5% (1,000,000,000 AVX) – Development team o 20% (4,000,000,000 AVX) – Founders o 10% (2,000,000,000 AVX) – Entity (AVXChange)


● 2007 AVXIP domain registered
● 2008 AVXIP Initial business plan created
● 2012 began to conceptualize the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as solutions to solve legal and technical obstacles
● 2016 integrated blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the design/implementation
● 2018 Q2 AVXIP makes agreement for RESONANT MARKETING GROUP to develop the platform.
● 2018 Q2 AVXIP makes AVXChange the first and exclusive platform licensee for a period of at least 3 years.
● 2018 Q2 AVXchange.io, AVXchange.org, AVXchange.net, and AVXchange.info, AVX-Change.com registered
● 2018 Q4 Websites launched and explainer videos released for AVXChange and AVXIP

● 2019 Q1 Begin to build social sites/network
● 2019 Q1 Release beta for testing
● 2019 Q1-Q2 Sell 5% of tokens to help fund software finalization and marketing push
● 2019 Q2 Give up to 5% of tokens away to key influencers and beta testers to work with and give exposure to the platform
● 2019 Q3 Launch official client application
● 2019 Q3 ICO to coincide with official client application release
● 2020 Q1 Reach 100,000 users
● 2021 Q1 Reach 1,000,000 users
● 2022 Q1 Reach 10,000,000 users
● 2023 Achieve 100,000,000 users



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