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What is CryptoMarketAds?, English - Crypto Market Ads (CMA) is a new market which solves all troubles related to crypto marketing and advertising on the blockchain by using connecting both, publishers and advertisers below a single platform. The preliminary forex in trade will be CMA tokens. This assist either parties as the publisher will make and preserve a profile with all the credentials alongside with the referred to charge for the service, on this platform. Due to free market conditions, publishers will have a healthy opposition which will have an impact on them to preserve costs as low and competitive as viable to entice advertisers. Publishers will also get higher demands from advertisers on the grounds that they are extra low cost and quickly handy through the CMA market for new advertising and marketing or advertising campaigns.

CryptoMarketAds platform has arisen with the greatest answer with its healthy and vigorous market place. Digital foreign money methods can now take pleasure in companies like promotions, consultancy, and purchase offerings for recent as properly as new ICOs. From films to campaigns, advertisers had been given flexible paths to opt for out from. Aim of CryptoMarketAds is to make sure that crypto-world self-sustainable.


The CMA market plays a section in the ecosystem and earns up to 10% in charges from publisher earnings. Early publishers have a risk to minimize prices to zero for 1 year or a lifetime if at least 3+ ETH (Ethereum) in contributions are made whilst CMA is in pre-ICO and ICO stage. Also, after the ICO, it will be possible to reduce fee to 5% the usage of the CMA token lock-up function.
It is important to note here that upon accomplishing an ICO hard cap, the CMA ecosystem can evolve to integrate new blockchain for marketplaces, decentralized marketplace builder and ICO platform for marketplaces.

Here is How it Will Work

The Future Goal

The CMA an undertaking is backed by way of a crew of devoted authorities with sizable and numerous portfolios. “We are gurus with over eleven years of a trip in marketing, advertising and marketing and development,” stated CEO Olegs Martinuks in a video statement. “The notion of CryptoMarketAds got here to us in 2013, and seeing that the market is growing, we did our lookup and in 2016 started growing a new marketplace in order to amplify the exposure of the crypto industry to the entire world, and get new ideas and applied sciences to be part of the blockchain revolutionBesides an online marketplace, the CMA venture additionally ambitions to deliver a customized blockchain for the Internet of Goods and Services, which is said to be a gamechanger. It will allow marketplaces to grow to be real peer-to-peer networks with actual trust, transparency, decentralization and assured payments. The group at CMA is working on two similar products, particularly a Decentralized Marketplace Builder which will enable crypto agencies to build their very own marketplaces and an ICO market fundraising platform that will allow businesses to crowdfund their crypto efforts. The CryptoMarketAds task affords to promise doable for investors and crypto enterprise owners. Those involved in becoming a section of the CMA the market can signal up on the venture internet site located at sign-ups will get discounts and top class benefits.

Benefits of CMA

CryptoMarketAds serves as an online advertising and advertising and marketing platform dedicated to crypto-based projects, considering how crypto advertising is largely disallowed with the aid of the main marketing platforms. CMA brings collectively advertisers, publishers, market bounty hunters, crypto advisors, influencers and lovers below a single platform. Crypto startup mission proprietors can purchase marketing spaces and advertising offerings from top publishers and experts to make their own projects a success.

Token ICO/IEO Details

Token created: 10,000,000,000 CMA

Tokens issued: 5,000,000,000 CMA
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Pre-sale: 15/05/2019
Public sale: 12/06/2019
CMA will promote the IEO at IDAX on June 6 here is nice information for all people and will take part there.

IEO on 5-6. June (Top exchange)
Price will probably be 1 ETH = 22888 CMA
The official announcement by IDAX:


Team CMA

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