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CRYPTONETLIFE 11/19/2019, English - IA Token aims to revolutionize the real estate industry using Blockchain technology through the development of the IAT Platform. Funds obtained from this ICO will be used to develop IAT blockchain and asset management will be done by the IAT management company currently in operation. The platform will serve the Philippine market first and want to expand to other emerging markets in Asia.
Despite the potential benefits of the real estate market, buyers face many problems and limitations. The IAT platform can help customers improve profits and solve the following problems.
Reduce transaction costs. For example, in the Philippines, the purchase and sale of real estate can take up to 24% of the total cost. The project plans to cut costs at least twice.

Integrity and security. A decentralized blocking ensures that all data stored in the database can not be changed or deleted. This eliminates the possibility of hacking by hackers.

Transparency of transfer. All information stored in the block space is transparent, which means that anyone can see all the information stored here.
Save time and money. The process of buying and selling housing may take several months due to document confirmation. This blockade simplifies and speeds up this process, as all the information from the parties will be stored here.

Restrictions on Foreign Investors Countries have been known to implement regulations to curb the growth of the real estate market by imposing restrictions on foreign purchases in an attempt to slow or stop the market from swelling or forming bubbles.
Take Singapore for example, the price of subsidized government housing has shot through the roof in recent years to a staggering US $ 750,000 which has led the government to apply several rounds of cooling action to curb market growth.


There are two types of tokens that serve the solutions provided by the company.

Instant Asset Token (IAT)
The IA Tokens concept is a form of real estate tokenization and will be released through the Initial Coin Offering or ICO process on the Ethereum network and will become a compatible ERC-20.
Funds obtained from this ICO will be used to develop IAT blocks and assets will be acquired to form most properties in the IAT ecosystem. Asset management will be performed by our management company currently operating.
Original Instant Asset Token (NIAT)
This will be an IAT local token as it will only be used in the real estate market and pegged to the original currency of the country. To protect investors from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, NIAT will not be printed on its own but can only be purchased using IAT.
Tenants can pay their rent with NIAT and receive a discount. The Company will also seek to bring various trading partners into the IAT ecosystem so that NIAT can be used for merchandise goods and services.
NIAT can also be used to purchase assets in the IAT ecosystem and token holders may choose to use NIAT to make payments for asset management services or involve tax advisory services, lawyers or legal counsel.
In cases where commissions must be paid to a property agent, the token holder may choose to pay commissions with NIAT. The asset owner may also choose to receive rental or sales results in the form of NIAT after registering the assets on the web portal.
In other words, NIAT will be the currency that drives all transactions that occur in the IAT ecosystem. To provide liquidity, the company will continue to look for various token utility channels to reduce the token supply and will order some of the funds collected to create a liquidity pool for NIAT purchases using IAT.

The advantage of IA token
The IAT system encourages the use of an internal token, called NIAT, in the following fields:
  • Rent.
  • Purchase of assets.
  • Payment for asset management services.
  • Payment for furniture.
  • Payment of suggestions and tax services.
  • Payment of legal services
  • Commission fees for broker and agency services.
  • List of assets for sale or lease.
  • Receive income for rent or sale.
  • ICO
    Economic Token and Timeline
IAT will be issued through the sale of Tokens with a total supply of 4.500.000.000 Token IA. The IA Token price will be pegged to US $ 0.01 per token, ETH, and BTC will be accepted.
The token value to be sold is US $ 20 million (including Early Investor, Pre-sale and Crowd-sale) with distribution as per the table below. The unsold IA Token (stamped at 40,000,000 Token IA) will be awarded to the charity organization and the remaining Token IA will be burned. Pre-Sales will begin in early April with a sales crowd starting on June 15, 2018.

Allocation tokens protection is targeted to increase the overall value of the company's portfolio by acquiring more assets primarily targeted at shared workspace segments. However, reserved tokens will only be released and available for use when assets acquired from the use of initial token sales funds have reached a minimum occupancy rate of 50%.
Token IA Decomposes
- 2,000,000,000 Tokens
Asset Purchase / Development (Limit token missing from 40,000,000 will be awarded to charity an organization with the rest burned)
70% will be allocated for direct asset acquisition
20% will be allocated to the liquidity pool
10% will be allocated for expansion, acquiring agents/brokers and individual users account development, recruitment and web portals
1.500.000.000 Tokens
Reserves are held for contingencies and future expansions
60% of asset acquisition in the future
20% will be allocated to the liquidity pool
20% for sustainable growth and development
- 600,000,000 Tokens
Marketing, operations, bonuses & bounty programs
- 400,000,000 Tokens
Team, Counselor & Legal.
This ratio will be maintained according to the final number raised.

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