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Cryptonetlife.com, English - Hello everyone, If you are interested in Blockchain technology and want to invest in a Project that uses blockchain technology, you should read my article because I will introduce the Blockchain project called FST Network and to find out more about the benefits and advantages of the FST Network, here is the explanation:

What is FST Network?

FST Network is a 2-tiered Modularised Network with Software Mining. Designed to bring Smart Scalability, Modularisation and User Friendliness to the blockchain space.
FST Network is a Layer 3 network

That connects business applications to the foundation Blockchain-layer. It is a combination of Modules and our Software Mining Mechanisms, which not only Ease development but also creating a Native Token Environment and increasing throughput of the protocol that we are attached to 200–400 times.

FST Network is a one-stop solution in adopting Blockchain Technology. It is the world’s first ecosystem that creates service modules with industrial engineering thinking, supporting companies to quickly and steadily build grounded applications and services without the need for Blockchain developers.
One of our primary objectives here at FST Network is to help expedite the mainstream adoption of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.
Only by making the process of tokenization and Blockchain development streamlined and simple will entrepreneurs from all walks of life are able to benefit from the many advantages blockchain can bring to it. This is why we made our product all-encompassing and holistic in nature.
  • Module Kits

Provide many application modules for enterprises’ selection.

Traditional development systems can be integrated with Blockchain via APIs and SDKs to support business needs.
We have successfully implemented grounded modules on Ethereum and supported client Dapp development. We will continue to release diverse modules to drive more applications.
  • Tokeneden

is the wallet and decentralized tokenization platform.

Clients can issue and manage tokens (e.g. promotion and airdrops) through CRM tools on this platform without any programming.
More modules will be put in place and extended to other public chain ecosystems (e.g. EOS, RSK) to provide more functions and achieve an ideal Blockchain-free development environment.
  • SHeX

is a solution for enterprises to build decentralized data exchanges.

Clients can quickly create a decentralized cross-chain token (information) exchange with efficiency and high-level security through assembling multiple modules and unique protocols. (Relay Network, Order-matching Network, Cross-chain settlement).
  • EnSo

Enterprise-ready Blockchain development solution for large-scale projects

EnSo can benefit large projects (e.g. Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, IoT, Smart City) by assembling various practical modules and setting up customized underlying protocols and consensus mechanism.
We believe our product can truly make a difference in the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.
FST Token
FST Smart Token runs through and supports the entire FST Network.
Enterprises, developers, and users can use our products and services with FST to enter the Blockchain world and become Internal nodes in FST Network to accelerate the development of the entire Blockchain ecosystem.
FST Network needs FST token as an Ultimate Key to run through the entire modular ecosystem.
In addition to being the payment medium for the use of modules, it also can be staked by participants for being the nodes to maintain the ecosystem by acting as a verifier in the FST Network’s 3 unique protocols.
Token Utility
  • Licensing Fee
In exchange for licensing to use the APIs and ABI modules provided by FST Network.
  • Fuel fee
The execution fee required to drive the module, which is valued and charged by FST Service Gas. (FST Service Gas is obtained by FST top-up)
  • Stake
As a qualification for the various nodes in FST Network ecosystem (running software becomes the node for double-layer mining) and a guarantee for executing the escrow box modules. 
To find out more information about the future of our Project, please visit the link that I provided below:
TELEGRAM: http://bit.ly/FSTNetwork


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